Saturday, 30 June 2012


Derby is the first big town once you come out of the Gibb River Rd.

The stop here was just to get some fresh food and clean up.

Derby is not a beach side place for swimming.   In fact there is no beach just mudflats.

The travellers had grilled Barramundi from the fish shop on the Derby Jetty which had been suggested by several travellers who had done same. The idea is to get there early order your fish and chips then make it to the jetty to watch the sun go down.

The jetty is sort of rectangular with two entrances so the road trains full of lead and zinc concentrate can enter dump their load and drive off again.

The jetty is in a deep water part of the port when you consider that the tide rises I think it was 13 metres. Derby is where you see pictures of boats sitting on the mud after the tide went out.

A small road train leaving the jetty after dropping off his load.

Nice piece of fish and lovely sunset were the order of the day.

The port is kept open for the mines in the area with some cattle export. Derby is a town you can spend one day in and that is all.

                                            I have just had an idea!!!
That looks like that woman again???????

On the way out of town is one of the famous “prison trees” in the Kimberley region, which were used for locking up prisoners en route to the lock up. A large hollowed out Boab tree. This one at the moment has a native bee hive in it, discovered by the large number of bees coming and going.

After Derby is Broome.

Artistic stencil type of pic with the sun setting off Cable Beach.

Fine shape of one of the travellers looking at the sun set.

Look at who was wandering by when the pic was taken.     That shirt needs a good wash. So does the fellow in it.

We stopped just short of Broome due to suggestions that all the parks will be full when we get there.
Booked in and went to town to get some food and found that there were plenty of sites available.
Seems to be a common thing what some people think is the opposite for anyone that has travelled this country.    Two Government information offices were suggesting to travellers that some roads were almost impassable when it turned out just to be a little worse than the bitumen.
Commuted for the next day and saw the sun go down over Cable Beach. Some one has pulled the plug out and the water is way out.

Saturday shifted to Cable Beach camp park for the night and went to the weekend market.  Nothing exciting there apart from som BUG off Cream to ease insect bites.

Sunday we are off to Middle lagoon which is half way up Cape Leveque. Could not get to the top of the cape as it is booked out for three weeks. Half way will do. Then it is a return to Broome for maybe two days and then the long trek home with a side diversion to the painted desset just South of Coober Pedy.    Luckily we were able to get a site on return as is the first day of the staircase to the moon and many parks are full for those days.


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