Friday, 29 June 2012

Windjana Gorge.
The next gorge on the list of must sees on the Gibb River is the Windjana Gorge.
Set in the middle of another National Park is the gorge and associated camp ground.

Flushing toilets and running water even, right in the middle of grass and sand.
Something out of order here, this is a rock formation named "Queen Victoria's"head.  from a short distance it does look like the head on the coins of good ol' Queen Vic.

Another gorge, 7.5km return up a sandy and rocky river bed through hole in the wall and through the scrub.

Another warning sign posted at the entry to the park.   Installed to prevent the crocs eating visitors and getting sick.

Set up camp and went for a short circular pathway trip through a “Savannah trail” just across the road from the camp. The back drop was another rock face very similar to the “Organ Pipes Park” we have back in Victoria. Saw our first Croc in the wild. A fresh water variety.

The grassland surrounding the camp with a marked "Savannah Trail" running in a circle with identified trees etc for walkers.

One of the locals visiting.

Next day we trekked the 7.5 km walk. Well nearly , the last .5km is closed due to weather damage to the gorge walls from the last wet season. Lovely views along the gorge with fish swimming in the river just below the trail.

Here a Croc

There a Croc

Every where a Croc Croc

    Lots of crocs in this gorge. Looks like they gather in the waterholes between the sand banks,

Finished the trek got back to camp and had lunch all gorged out with stiff legs and hot bodies. Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the shade watching the bird life and resting.

Tomorrow is another day. We head to Derby and a fish and chip dinner on the pier watching the sun go down.

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