Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 12

Rollin again.

Further North West on great roads

Crossed the border into WA.

Went to a fuel depot and found it was closed. The info we had received from the info office in Alice springs was that the fuel stop was open morning and afternoon. Will try to remember to call in to the info centre on the way home and suggest that they up date their info as someone could be stuck here with the fuel point closed and looking around you would not want to be stuck here.

The travellers have enough to reach Halls Creek so we are not concerned. Our companions are touch and go. We decided to travel on the extra 70km to the Wolfe Creek Crater campsite and to make it a two day rest day after the 900 plus km of travels over the past two days.

20km off the main highway is the crater and camp ground.

The crater camp ground is quite a nice place to stop. Sites are spaced around an area about as big as a football ground and a little bush between.

Sitting around after dinner and the stars are amazing. The milky way and the sky is fantastic. The lucky Western Australians they have so many stars over here.!!!!!!!!

For some reason the travellers had to get up just before dawn to see the sun come up over the crater.

                                                            Recovering after the climb

Just resulted in some pics of some of part of the great hole in the ground. See below.

The rest of two days at Wolfe Creek was good and allowed the bodies to catch up with being in three states in two days and wearing out the watch winder changing the times over and over. These westerners are just as bad as the South Aust people who run their watches behind the rest of the country.

grandma tried to outdo Bear Grylls in sliding down the face of a steep slope on the crater and lost

Some of the many, many small ant hills, like an army of terra cotta pigmies standing in the grass.

Next stop The Bunglle Bungles

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