Thursday, 28 June 2012


Arrived to find the parks nearly all full.

Only place we could get was at the show grounds and it turned out to be a very shady site with power and water. The show grounds are opened up to take the large rigs, that is very big caravans and caravans with pets on board. We had some pet rocks so to me that lets us in to a powered site.

First to rest and recover then shop for essentials and on the Tuesday we took a sort trip up the road to Lake Argle. BIG,, like about 50 Eildons'

From the lookout above the dam wall

Official plaque of opening

The swimming pool where all the local campers gather at hoon with their glasses and bottles. Pity about the view???

Then on the road back we stopped at the Zebra Rock Gallery. Xebra rock is a multi layered rock with different colours in the layers. Mined over the border in the NT it is carved and ground and polished for jewellery decorative nic nacs etc. 

Even got some samples to bring home and play with.
These are not the samples  !

To finish off the day we had a mango smoothie from local mangoes and a cold milk shake.

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