Friday, 29 June 2012

Wed and we arrive at EL QUESTRO.

The playground for the well off and the plebs like us who are camping in the camp ground.

Those who do not have the time to drive all the way can fly in with their LEAR jet to Kununurra and from there to El Questro by shuttle plane and stay in the deluxe lodge overhanging the ElQuestro Gorge. Cost is only $1,500 per night but you get privilidges like private use of the hot springs after the plebs are kicked out at noon each day.

We arrived to be welcomed by the local manager and assistant.

Liked a pat on the head but not on the nose. Probably the dusty travellers coming in off the dirt road are a bit on the nose.

Couple of water crossings to get in but the grounds were very well laid out with shady sites, and water nearby.
Seating outside the registration office.

Visitors book in and have to get an access pass to the “Wilderness Park” 70km must be enough to be determined a wilderness up here. Then it is $25.00 per night for which you get access to,
park, several gorges to trek through, hot springs to soak in up to lunch time, Access to the bar and restaurant come booking office come bar at different times of the day. Live entertainment twice a week and the privilege of paying $3.50 for a can of COKE.

The toilets are something special, like small ensuites on stilts. Very new and very nice.

The Organisation runs tours, horse rides, helicopter rides etc,etc depending on the size of the wallet.

As you register you get a map of the property showing all the points of interest.
The bottom line on the mud map which points out the local swimming holes in the local Pentecost River quotes 'swimming is to be undertaken where the swimmer can see the bottom of the river bed as crocodiles live in the deeper holes.


The Zebdee springs surrounded by Livingstonian Palms for the green thumbs.

Started the day with a hot soak in the “Zeberdee Springs” Water is a constant 28 to 32 Deg C..

After being water logged the travellers travelled back down the road to “EMMA GORGE”

Just part of the 1,000,000 acres that El Q own. Part resort part cattle station.

About 3 ½ hr return trek with a large pool and water fall at the end for those who want to cool off. Great place to stop and have lunch.

Lunch break while the travellers reflect on the cliff walls in the gorge.   Thats my version anyway.

For those who so desire they may dip in the refreshing waters of the gorge or climg the walls and leap into the depths below.

With lunch over and contemplation of the geography it is back to camp stiff legs and all for a cuppa and a can of coke to revive the spirits and body.

Tomorrow it's off to Home Valley Station.

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