Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 11 plus

Heading for Alice springs. Stopped at Stuart Wells at the suggesting of Phillip Anderson to see

Dinky the singing dingo. Stuart's place is a roadhouse / come camping area just short of Alice. Run by Jim Cotteril the man who opened up entral Australia for the tourists way back.

Dinky came in and was coaxed up onto the piano but was not well and not in good voice. Jim put on a video made by an American TV company who were taken by Dinky and came out and interviewed him as well as telling the world about the Aust dingo.

On to Alice and three days of rest and re-group for the desert. Stayed I a great campground with the best amenities seen so far.. Went out to dinner with the couple we met at Kulgera and had a good meal and enjoyed some Karioke from the huge crowd in the football club/ pab.

Re-organised the trailer to take on board a full load of fuel and provisions for the desert.

Started out on the third day after meeting Jim and Jeanene at the Tanami highway turn off.

First stop was Tilmouth roadhouse for a top up and cup of tea.Mostly bitumen so far. On again to Yuendemu an aboriginal settlement in the desert for another top up as the last fuel and supplies for 800 plus kms. As wel pull in for the top up the others noticed that I had a water trail running down the road behind me. Out and under and I found that a stone had hit the drain tap on the 80 litre water tank under the trailer. Lost the majority of the water and not dure of how much was left due to all the dirt on the hoses. Luckily I had been prepared and had a 40 litre floor tank sitting on the floor of the car behind the front seat. That plus a 10 litre plastic tank as a spare.

Off again and surprised at the good condition of the road. Sitting on about an average of 80 to 90km/ hr.

Stopped for the night at a place called Flood out creek way out in the middle of the desert.

Here we met a gropu of fellow campers travelling a similar route to the KT's. Most were people that had done some of the Variety club's Charity Bashes that used to travel outback Australia gathering money for charity.

One of the locals passing by.

Great site for camping way out in the middle of nothing but silence.

Surprised at the amount of traffic on the road most coming the opposite direction and a few passing in the same way as us..

A wet tissue wash for the night and toilet stops behind a convenient bush or two.

Many, many animal tracks about as where were was a dry dam that had had water and all the animals would have been coming in for a drink,

Track every where.

The sky turned to fire with the sunset as you can see below.

Next stop wolfe creek

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