Friday, 29 June 2012

Home Valley Station

On the road into Home valley is our first large river crossing, the famous Penticost river.
The week before the travellers left home this water was running 750mm deep.

On the day it was about 300mm, just enough to wash the tyres of the dust.

Home Valley Station is another cattle station about 70km from El Q.
Lovely place with two huge Boabs each side of the drive.

Manicured lawns in the middle of the red dirt and dust.

The travellers opted to camp by the river, 7 Km down the track, every thing is just down the track it looked good in the pic album on the desk.

Loverly site in shade on the bank of the Pentecost River Estuary. Toilets and showers close by and great place to fish. Saw one that was about 200mm deeper than the bucket the chap was carrying it in. He also had a small shark about 500mm long. Only thing was that the fisherman had to keep his eyes open as we were told that there were “Salties “ in the area. One chap said he had seen one there during the 3 days he had been there.

The best part of the site was a fantastic view of the “Cockburn Range”.

Like Ayres Rock the colours of the range change as the sun sets etc.

Local mountain range that features in nearly all publications about the Kimberleys.

If we had had some bait we would still be there is was that good a place. The station it self had it's own open air restaurant with a reasonable charge per meal. Would have been a great place to dine in the shade of the evening. Heaps of character.

Left Home Valley Station for another station just down the track about 100km.

This one was “Ellenbrae Station”
This was for a snack break of Scones and Jam and Cream with a cuppa..
View from our table in the diner room.

One of the local residents who came for morning tea while we were there.

Again another station cashing in on the tourists. Third generation owners with great scones in a lovely setting of lawns and gardens. Another oasis in the middle of the red dust and dirt.

Back on the road and arrived at Manning Gorge Road house camp about 3.30 to set up for tomorrow.

Come the morrow we started off to another gorge to find you had to put your things in a polystyrene box and swim it across the river to start the trek.
Got half way across the river to a rock and baulked at the rest. Could not remember to duck paddle or dog dive and with nearly $2,000.00 of electronic gear in my pack weighted down by the rest of my gear and lack of swimming for years and years, I decided to chicken out and give this gorge a miss.

One of the large Boabs in the camp ground.   We are always on the lookout for Boab nuts now and have to stop at every tree we see.

Well almost every tree.

Stayed two nights and then onwards we go.........

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