Thursday, 5 July 2012

Cape Leveque trek.
Sunday July 1.

The travellers left the sun sets of Broome and headed to Cape Leveque.

First was a short visit to the market again for some extras.

Then on the long dusty road to the cape.

                                                          The long and dusty road followed by..............

                                           more long and dusty road.

10Km out of Broome and 82 km of red dirt, dust,dirt, dust saw us arrive at Middle lagoon.

Middle Lagoon looking right

                                               Middle lagoon looking left.

                    Me in the middle of another strenuous trek along the shifting sands.

Middle lagoon is a bush camp on a large bay with a lagoon beside the bay. The beach is white sand similar to Broome and a great place for shell hunting. On the way to see the first night sunset over the water we met the couple we had gone through the Tanami road with as they were camped at the same camp.

Next day we went for a short visit to a close by cafe and campground, the “Whale Song Cafe”. Way out in the middle of nowhere is this little oasis of a cafe with a small menu but great food and the view from the verandah is great.

After a refreshing banana smoothie with apple and blueberry slice and a mixed fruit juice and sticky date pudding the travellers walked to the beach and decided to walk to the point some 4 km away just to walk off the snacks we just had.

The sand has a reddish tint due to the red pindan soil I guess.

                                                        Just the spot to rest and kill time???//////////

The beach was a great shell finding beach and we have a bag of shells to take home.

After just getting back to the cafe on closing we returned to camp worn out but happy we did the trek to the point.

One of the sights along the beach. All those large rocks just hanging there.   Place should be called hanging rock?????????

There is that woman again just sitting around looking at the colors of nature.

This is the scene of the long 4 km trek along the beach plus the same distance return, and this is a holiday???????????

Back at camp that night we got some fire wood from the camp owners and had our first camp fire to sit around while having dinner and resting.

The following day was a trek to the top of Cape Leveque.
The top of the cape has a super resort called "Koolamon"
   If you can imagine a plot of land next to a quarry with the beach on the other side , then you can imagine this resort.   I am guessing that the site was a quarry for the Pindan soil that they patch the roads with and someone noticed the beach and sold some company with the idea of an exclusive resort,  
The resort has it's own airstrip so you can fly in and avoid the dirt roads.

This is the restaurant llooking out to sea.

The view along the West beach where we had lunch.    

We could not find the East beach due to a maze of tracks and buildings that were not on the mud map they gave us.

All good things must finish so it was back to middle lagoon

To the right of the camp.

      Come time to leave and someone had to have another swim.

Next day was a return to Broome but a diversion on the way back. The diversion was to the famous church at Beagle bay where the altar is made from sea shells.

After some pics we returned to the main road for some lunch of dry biscuits and cheese with a cuppa.

Return to Broome saw a lot more people there as it was the night of the moon as well as being school hols.

Went to try and find the place we watched the moon from in April 2011, but could not find it, so we joined 2 million others at the town beach spot to see the rise of the moon.

That night there is another market on the park where they have the same things as the normal weekend markets.

A couple of Thai spring rolls, a couple of do-nuts an ice cream and a milk shake and we headed back to camp.

Re-fill and re stock is the order of the next day as we have turned the corner and on the long trek home. A couple of side tracks are planned and we should be home by the end of the month.

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