Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday 20th.

Happy birthday Matilda.

Got time for a short post so here we go.

Left Port Augusta this morning and about 1 hr into the trip we noticed another crack in the windscreen.

So third time lucky it was decided to replace the patched screen with a new one. Bit difficult here in the wilds of SA. Make me wonder if they have plastic buckets yet.

One stop no good so off to the destination for the day Burra.

Lovely old mining town governed by the National Trust. All buildings being kept as was the case way back in the 1800's. Copper was the main ore here.

Booked into the camp and off to the telephone and located a repairer for the screen in Renmark. That was to be tomorrow's target but we will not get there in time on the Saturday to get the screen fixed. SO we may stay here another day and get to Renmark Sunday afternoon ready for Monday.

Puts us back a few days but should see the travellers home by mid to late next week.

Should show you some of the goodies they have out this way.

Too late for Queens birthday so it must be Guy Fawkes Day in November.
The crackers over here are great look at these sky rockets.

I bet they go a mile in the sky and must have big stars at the end burst.  And you do not need a milk bottle to hold them up when you light the wick.

And the big cannon, that must shoot huge penny bungers a mile.

Will have to find out the date of cracker night and try to get here.

Received an email yesterday. It was the local newsletter of the Woomera Village, which gets sent all over the world to many nations who have taken part in activities in the Woomera rocket range.

They sent me a digital copy and guess who stars in the publication with a fair picture of himself.
 Autographs available if anyone wants to keep one as a keepsake.
Do not have the software to clip the pic out of the email so all will have to wait for a hard copy.

 Just had roast in the pub here for dinner and now to plan what to do for three days.

A bit of scenery on the way out of Port Augusta... The bottom end of the Flinders Ranges I think.


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