Monday, 9 July 2012

Broome to Kununurra.

Having arrived back at Broome on the night of the moon and not been happy with the results the travellers tried again with success and found the elusive beach and witnessed a perfect viewing of the staircase.

With a bit of help from the computer this shot may end up on the wall.

For those who are not aware this is the moon rising and reflecting across the mud flats of Broome Harbour.   It looks like a staircase to the moon.

Next day Broome was left behind as the travellers headed East towards Fitzroy crossing.

Nothing worth writing home about here apart from a nice camp on the bank of the Fitzroy river.

Next morning was a late start as the first stop was “Geike Gorge”.

This gorge was different in that the visited part of the gorge is full of water many metres deep and inhabited by big bitey things.......Fresh water Crocodiles.

                                                    Fresh water croc just above the water level.

Instead of walking the travellers took a boat ride up the gorge a couple of km's with 40 other people.

Two different roch formations in the gorge.  The top is weathered by water running down and the bottom is weathered by being scoured by the river.    Just for those interested.

                                        Couple of crocs sharing the same rock in the river

The ranger running the tour was very informative with the forming of the gorge and age of rocks etc as the tour progressed. She knew where all the interesting points were and switched sides with the boat so both sides could get the best angle for their pics.

This is a formation they call crocodile rock as you look at the top it sort of looks like a croc  if you use a little imagination.

Last rock formation,   the rock in the middle of the pic looks a bit like President Nixon  the ex American.      Well sot of if you stretch it a bit.

After the boat trip it was back on the road to “Larawa Cattle Station” for an over night stop over.

The stations here have seen the value in the tourist dollar and this station had cleared a site for probably 30 travellers, installed toilets and hot showers with running water around the place all for $20.00 per night.

Had a chat with the owners wife the next morning, nice lady and a typical pastoral owners wife.
Saw her rolling a large gas cylinder about 200 metres from the residence to the camp showers as the gas heaters ran out of gas. Very well aware of the situation with export meat etc and looking at changing breeds of cattle to try to get into the East coast markets.

Off to Kununurra next day for 3 nights.

Day one at Kununurra and we had a crack in the windscreen repaired. We had a bullseye in the windscreen a couple of weeks ago and did a fix with a kit available from the auto trades shops.

The crack came after a stone hit just below the windscreen wiper and ran up about 150mm.

I was afraid it may keep going an cave in but the Novus man just drilled a hole in the glass and filled it with resin and a guarantee of it not growing any more. After that it was around the corner to a mechanic to get the oil and filters changed ready for the trip South and home. With a planned trip of two months it is good to be heading home but sad in that there is sooooooo muchhhh to see out here and we will not see it all this time. I have at least 6 months worth of modifications that I can do to make travelling life easier.So after that is all done maybe the maps will come out and see which way the wind is blowing.

I think that the best thing is to not have a time line so that you can go where the wind blows and not have to worry about having to get home by a set time. Have to see how the others handle their bills etc,etc at home for an open ended travel trip.
We have met some who have been on the road for 7 months,  do not see how they do this  especially with 2 or 3 kids.
Maybe after I have done everything at home that I have lined up I may look at another trip next year when the cold is coming .

Well a day to spare at Kununurra tomorrow and on to Katherine and then South towards home. Probably home at the end of July.


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  1. I've just been doing the Big Catch Up! So excellent to read the tales and see pics of that persistent lady - though I'm a bit worried Grandad is missing a lot of the adventure. He seems to be napping a lot of the time?

    Sounds like you've well and truly been bitten by the travel bug (lots healthier than a croc). GOOD. You only live once.