Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sorry this page is out of sync,  we are sitting outside the library as they threw us out in the cold, just because I said their clocks were wrong.

Day 4

Left Port Pirie and the cold and heading further North,

By lunch time, not long after we left, there are no clouds in the sky in front of us as we motor on.

Arrived Port Augusta about lunch time and called in to the Information centre to locate the caravan park. The camps book only covers for, what they term “budget camps”. We were looking for any caravan site so we had showers. I expect there will be several camps later on with no showers. Cost is a little higher but the facilities are far superior. The Information centre is very impressive with info for the surrounding area and toilets built into water tanks.

The middle of the building's roof is glass and looking up you are below a working windmill sitting on the steel building frame and the pump rod comes down inside a clear plastic pipe and goes through the floor.

Having set up camp and had a cuppa and a lovely hour or so sitting in hot sun we went shopping for some fresh veggies for dinner. Having to dispose of fresh fruit every time you cross a border is a pest so you cannot carry much.

Met a couple of travellers in the camp kitchen last night and they took some time telling us of their favourite places along our route.

Not sure of how we will go as any side treks add to the time table and might mean that we have to miss some places further up the country. We will not see everything so have to decide what and where we go and be happy with that

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