Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 5

Declared a lay day or two to recover from the colds and running noses.

Hope to go to Macca's today as we hear they have Wifi. The camp has internet but the machine is out of action. Probably should have got a internet dongle before we left. Might have to see if you can get them here. Very laid back here they all have their clocks half an hour behind us and are not worried about changing them.

Just sitting in the sun here and there are 4 crested pigeons just wandering around at our feet. They don't like rice cakes but do peck at bits of bread .

Late start again today as we did not get up until 8.30am.

Got to get out of the camping mindset and get into the travelling mind set or we will be home next year.

Did some shopping and signed up for the internet at the library. Now able to access via Wifi from any South Aust library for free. You can sit within range of the library and connect. Amazing stuff this Wifi.

Both colds are nearly over but having another day of sunshine before we head North into the desert.

Looking at re-arranging the load on the vehicle and camper to reduce load on the trailer drawer bar.

Vehicle handling well and you can notice the load come into effect when you brake. Takes longer than usual. May re adjust the electric brakes before the desert,

Readerts may get confused by the dates at the start of each post, they are applied by the google blogger and I have not figured out as yet how to change them. I am guessing that they are on a google server in the US somewhere and inserting their time.

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