Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 6 early

Having been out nearly a week it is apparent that more planning has to be done before a similar trip

Information from other travellers is that Cape Leveque, North of Broome is booked out until August and by the time we reach Broome the camp grounds will be over flowed onto the football oval.

Probably means showers will be available at Half time or the end of play.

So far only a few things have been forgotten, The long handled wok and the fire grill/bbq plate for cooking over the open fire. Not drastic and we can get around not having them. No Chinese or BBQ kangaroo on the menu this trip.
The importance of having the top of the line sleeping bag has been proven here with the cold nights.

Even then you do not want to move too much or feel the cold areas.

I think the body has taken to trying to catch up on some of the sleep it has missed out on lately.

Even with the alarm set this morning it was hard to motivate the body to get going. It is good to get up and have a cuppa to warm the body and get moving.

Plan of attack today is to locate all the day to day things for normal cooking ,eating, etc then sorting out the loads on the vehicle. A plan of travel for tomorrow to be thought out with toilet stops and lunch breaks then a trip to the shops and post to the blog. After that maybe a tourist look around.

If we get moving!!!!!

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  1. Nine out of ten!

    (I want pictures but lovin' the pithy commentary).

    I'm also voting for hot water bottles for warming the tootsies. No serious traveller would leave home without one. x