Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day two

Sometime after eight the travellers got out of the warm sleeping bags and breakfasted and packed ready for another quick start on the road about 10.30am.

Having crossed the border and complied with the quarantine requirements we dropped our apple cores in their bins by the road. The signs say you cannot take fruit, live stock or vegetables past the bins or you can get fined $600.00. One fruit bin was full and sealed off the other was open for the KT's to put fruit in. Could not see the bin for livestock though, its a pity as I thought we might have got a few lamb chops for dinner.

Lunch was a short stop at Keith's Bakery, Keith. He wasn't home so some of the girls served us some hot vegetable soup and hot roll. Yummy. Half an apple slice and a cuppa and we were on the road again.

Another stop about 4.00 and the KT's are on the side of the Murray river at Tailem Bend.

After setting up camp (which only took 32 minutes) saw a quick trip to the local supermarket to replace some fresh fruit and goodies to keep us going. Found a couple of bunnys nibbling at the grass next to the tent when we got back.

Tailem Bend sunset

Tomorrow is another day and we are heading for Port Augusta or some where in that direction.

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